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You work hard to be the best player you can.

You know the sound you want.

You have a design in mind.


We no longer monitor Facebook AT ALL. Some time during 2021, we will have COMPLETELY removed all ties to Facebook as we find it to be a complete waste of our time and invasion of our privacy.

In addition, changes Microsoft are making mean that we cannot receive ANY emails via our own server from any Microsoft, Hotmail or Outlook accounts. Please do not attempt to contact us from any such email addresses as Microsoft are actively preventing businesses and individuals from responding to emails.

This is frustrating for us all, but the problem is entirely due to Microsoft and outside of our control.

Our shop is open as usual, Covid restrictions permitting, please call and leave a message if we are unavailable. We WILL get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

From 5th January 2021, our new LUTHIERY HOTLINE will be available with extended hours and all existing customers will be receiving a notification regarding this. For all existing client pro and semi-pro musicians and bands… most, if not all of you have direct-dial access to our extended hours luthiery services. Please email us if you cannot find the contact number and I will deal with it immediately.

SORRY to have to add this lengthy public service announcement to our home page, but we take internet security extremely seriously both for our protection, and that of our customers.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.

Our job is to make your dream a reality.

Custom Axes

Custom Axes

We build premium custom guitars to make you shred like never before. Dance along your custom fretboard and feel the quality



Let us tweak your guitar to get the sweetest, fullest sound known to the human ear. With our skills, your instrument will sing like it was made to.



Learn to destroy speaker stacks, create beautiful music and hone your skills. Make angels weep whilst you dance across the fretboard.

We've sorted these folk out; you can be next


Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

One third of the Holy Trinity

Managed to create a badman axe from the cross I was crucified on. Awesome.

Bill Guitarinson

Bill Guitarinson

Pop God

All the tweakery, all of the time. Where would I be without Xperience Guitars having my back?!