Xperience Fingerstyle

Build your repertoire and skills as a guitarist

The world of guitar is such a diverse place but there are some things that are fundamental. Like the Blues… a truly authentic form of music that is guitar-based.

Rock and Metal.. more truly guitar-based forms but with strong classical and folk influences – Led Zep, Metallica, Malmsteen, Blackmore… it’s endless. Heavy riffs punctuated with steel or nylon string fingerstyle playing. Fingerstyle is everything from Bach to The Beatles.

Clearly we weren’t going to ignore the vital techniques of fingerstyle guitar when offering courses that would enable you to build your repertoire and skills as a guitarist.

If you are at an early stage in your playing, then you might want to take our Xperience the Blues course first – because it is truly the foundation on which to build technique. Once you have that skill, Xperience Fingerstyle takes you to another level, opens up a wealth of new music and prepares you for so much more…

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