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We’ve been looking after the needs of musicians from Nottingham and further afield for over 30 years


We specialise in guitars and basses, but also see an increasing number of folk and orchestral instruments such as ukes, banjos, mandolins and violin family instruments come through our workshop, where we make, mend and modify stringed instruments

We grew our reputation by paying attention to the individual needs of customers, setting up guitars to suit the exacting needs of professional and hobby musicians with equal care and attention to detail.  It stands to reason if an instrument is set up perfectly for your needs, you will make your best music with it and enjoy it all the more.

Our new shop has a range of new and used acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, other stringed instruments and accessories. We also offer guitar lessons and a variety of other services for musicians and bands.

Excellent fretwork is at the heart of playability and we stock practically every single type and gauge of fret wire available for when problems cannot be properly solved by honing.


These are the main services we offer

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Custom Axes

Custom Axes

We build premium custom guitars to make you shred like never before. Dance along your custom fretboard and feel the quality



Let us tweak your guitar to get the sweetest, fullest sound known to the human ear. With our skills, your instrument will sing like it was made to.



Learn to destroy speaker stacks, create beautiful music and hone your skills. Make angels weep whilst you dance across the fretboard.

Set ups
From £40each
  • Re-Stringing
  • Full service
  • Fret buffing
  • Head tweaking
  • Pick-up noodling
New Build
£--on enquiry
  • Awesome body
  • Amazing frets
  • Solid head
  • Acoustic
  • Electric
£--on enquiry
  • Cleaning
  • Re-Painting
  • Re-Varnish
  • Repair
  • Upgrade
From £69each
  • Cleaning
  • Tuning
  • Re-stringing
  • Part replacement
  • Polishing

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What exactly constitutes a setup? We all know that a setup can mean different things to different people… Anything from quick ’n dirty to a complete strip-down and rebuild, replacing anything that is sub-standard.Our “standard” setup involves a complete strip down and rebuild, ensuring that every component and sub-assembly is checked, adjusted or replaced, as necessary. All too often, even brand new guitars, have issues… Poorly assembled vibrato units, incorrectly shimmed Floyd Rose nuts, occasional frets that are loose at the ends (or in the middle), etc. etc. And these problems are found regardless of the price of the guitar in question.

The rise of eBay has led to less-than-honest sellers and wannabe guitar techs trying to shift the guitars they don’t want or can’t fix which only makes the problems more commonplace.

Our setups begin with a thorough assessment when you bring the instrument in. That’s why we have an appointment system and set aside half an hour to properly look at what’s needed each and every time. And you can be reassured that whatever work is needed, we have the skills and equipment to complete the job to the highest professional standard.

We provide you with a guaranteed quotation and we also guarantee all our work. A job sheet is kept for everything we do and if ever you need us to refer back to check and match a specific setup from say 5 years ago, we can do just that. And we just computerised the entire records system to keep track of 700-plus jobs a year we do.

We keep a huge stock of parts, both new and vintage to cover most eventualities and have trade accounts with all the leading parts suppliers, ensuring that as long as a part is in stock in the UK, it’ll usually be here within 24 hours.

We realise a set tariff for setups can be useful if you’re looking to get the cheapest job, regardless of quality or thoroughness. We don’t see the point. If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly. And once we’ve done it properly, subsequent scheduled setups need only cost from £35.00 plus parts… which may only amount to a set of strings of your choice.

Can you fix my fretboard?

Of course we can, bring it over!

Can you build me the guitar of my dreams?

Hell yeah!

Get in touch with us and we can talk about your requirements.

Does my bum look big in this?

It does, but that’s no bad thing. ;D


Our whole philosophy is based on one simple statement… Everything we do is designed to make you a better guitarist.

We started out making guitars that felt incredibly good to play. That led to all the setup work we do, the hones, refrets, modifications and developments like fan fretting.

So when we decided to take the next step and open a guitar shop, it was important to us that we would continue doing everything we could to make you a better guitarist.  Which is why we have been working closely with music educators to develop and provide courses that will help you quickly develop your skills as a player.

Sure, you can learn songs one at a time with the many internet based resources… but that is a slow way to develop and does nothing to prepare you for the joy and satisfaction that comes from being able to jam with other musicians.

Our courses are designed to give you a deep understanding of music and musicianship so you can really get involved.

Our courses will enable you to get so much more from music.  Its as simple as that.

  • Courses run from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on weekday evenings.
  • The course leader, Paul Martin is fantastically experienced both as a player and teacher.
  • They are 6 weeks duration and run roughly in line with school half-term sessions.
  • We also have an hour long catch-up session which runs on Saturday afternoons… vital for clearing up any small points arising during your practice.
  • The cost is £ 72.00 per course (£12.00 per week).
  • And please note, the courses fill up really quickly…

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